Consistency in riak/luwak

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Fri Nov 11 11:54:00 EST 2011

On Nov 11, 2011, at 12:48 AM, vuleetu wrote:

> After a file is put into luwak, luwak says it's done and we fire of an event for other clients to request this information.  Is there any way to wait for the file to really be ready before we fire off this notification to client applications to download the file?

I have no idea about this. From glancing at Luwak's public API, there's nothing there to provide any form of tunable consistency. You could dig into the Luwak code and see if you can change it up to require W or DW to be equal to N.

I think your best bet is to go with Alex's suggestion and build a retry capability into your client.

As with any technical decision, though, take a step back and ask yourself "What problem am I trying to solve?" Once you identify that, ask yourself "Can I buy something right now that solves my problem?" And finally, "Does it make sense to code around it when there might be something else that solves my problem?"

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