List keys and multiple buckets

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Personally I would tag the objects with 2i (secondary index) headers containing a unique value to identify a user. That would would make it quite trivial to retrieve all the keys belonging to one user without having to do a full bucket scan. I would also store the objects in one bucket, or possibly one bucket per object type if that is something that fits your use case.

I have no idea how 2i would work out with 200m keys. From personal experience I can say that querying an index of tens of thousands of objects and returning a list of keys made up of several thousand is very fast.

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Does the bucket name have any affect on the list-keys process?

Assuming I wish to store user information for some 200M users, and create a bucket per user. Each user bucket will contain several dozen objects.
- Will list-keys on such a user bucket be a reasonable action?
- Is list-keys isolated to a bucket?
- Is it reasonable to expect Riak to hold 200M buckets?

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