Secondary Indexes - Feedback?

Rusty Klophaus rusty at
Wed Nov 16 12:57:48 EST 2011

Hello Riak Users,

The Basho team recently released Riak 1.0 which introduced a new
feature called Secondary Indexes. This feature allows you to tag Riak
objects with additional metadata, and then later query the indexed
metadata to retrieve the objects.


Now that you've had a few weeks to investigate and experiment with
Secondary Indexes, I'm hoping to hear about your experiences to help
us focus future development efforts most effectively:

   - Have you tried Secondary Indexes?
   - Does the feature help solve your problems? If not, why not? Any
   - What is your wish list for the future of Secondary Indexes?

Please feel free to respond either publicly or privately to this
email, and thanks for your help!


Rusty Klophaus (@rustyio)
*Basho Technologies, Inc.*
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