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Wed Nov 16 14:41:00 EST 2011

Hi Nate,

Thank you for your feedback, this is good stuff. Some follow up questions
inline below:

> 2. We need a guaranteed order of inputs from a 2I query. If we select on a
> range, each key we get on a given node in the M-R job should be ordered
> according to the 2I values. Of course we understand that keys won't be
> ordered across nodes (that would require a reduce phase to merge sort) but
> it would be good for each node to know that its portion of the covering set
> is ordered.

Can you elaborate on this? Trying to think of a problem where it helps to
have the results ordered by node but not necessarily overall, and drawing a

> 4. Need any of the nodes to be able to abort a M-R job in the middle with
> a successful completion status. Combined with the above, you could return
> partial results (say, top 10 matches) without having to generate all the
> keys in a given range.

Pagination is one clear case where this would be useful. Are you facing any
other scenarios where this is necessary?

Also, are you always looking for top X results, where X is known before the
query starts? Or does X change depending on the results?


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