Secondary Indexes - Feedback?

Rusty Klophaus rusty at
Wed Nov 16 14:53:32 EST 2011

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your feedback! Some follow up questions below:

For example, with search I can specify something like this to generate my
> input to map-reduce:
> p:foo AND t:bar  (give me all the objects whose parent "p" is foo and that
> hav tag "t" of bar).
> So that would get fed to map-reduce where additional processing (think
> filtering, sorting, pagination) is done.
> I can do the same thing with secondary indexes but would have to move some
> of that into map.
> So in this case I would use secondary indexes to grab all of the items
> whose parent "p" is "foo".  This would generate the input phase and at that
> point I would have to use map to filter out all of the items that did not
> contain the tag "t"  of "bar".
> It is doable, but not as performant as I think it could be.

So to be clear, this is mainly about performance, not convenience? In other
words, you don't mind writing your own map function, so long as it is fast?

Also, lets say that part 1 of the query is getting a list of keys where "p"
== "foo", part 2 is turning those keys into objects, and part 3 is
filtering those objects. Are all parts too slow for your application, or is
only a specific part of the query too slow?

Hope that makes sense, this is a nuanced point.

Rusty Klophaus (@rustyio)
*Basho Technologies, Inc.*
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