Secondary Indexes - Feedback?

Paul Gross pgross at
Wed Nov 16 15:12:51 EST 2011

>     - What is your wish list for the future of Secondary Indexes?
One thing that I would like to see is the ability to add secondary 
indexes after the fact to existing objects. The use case I'm thinking of is:

1. I have a bucket of users, where the key is generated and the value is 
a hash of email, first name, last name, company, etc.
2. I add a secondary index on email so I can look up users by their 
email address.
3. Two months down the line, I want to add a feature where I can look up 
users by their company.

Right now, I would have to read every document and update it with the 
new secondary index. It would be nice to have this feature built in, so 
I could just tell riak that I want create a secondary index on company. 
Riak would internally update all of the objects and add the index.

Alternatively, riak could be more generic and take a function that would 
run in riak and update the documents without having to return them all 
to the client.

Basically, before I deploy the next version of my code, I want to 
somehow add a secondary index to all existing objects.

I hope this makes sense. I can clarify if needed.

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