rebar and validate_app_modules property

Dmitry Demeshchuk demeshchuk at
Thu Nov 17 01:45:42 EST 2011

Hi, guys.

I've recently noticed that newest rebar requires .app.src files to
list the modules to be compiled, unless {validate_app_modules, false}
property is set in rebar.config:

Is this done by some purpose? I'm asking because it seems to be
slightly backwards-incompatible, and default value of 'false' instead
of 'true' could be more convenient.

Oddly, Riak doesn't seem to have this property set to false but its
.app.src files don't include modules listing. And rebar binary from
there is pretty new, so it should behave like this. However, fresh
rebar build makes me use {validate_app_modules, false} or strictly
list those modules in .app.src in my own projects.

Am I missing something?

Best regards,
Dmitry Demeshchuk

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