Regarding Data Information On Riak Cluster

Sagar Virani sagarvirani at
Thu Nov 17 01:59:16 EST 2011

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to know whether we can get the exact location of the data that is
placed on to the Riak Cluster. Say, for example, the cluster consists of
100 nodes viz. n1 to n100. We put some data, say, d1 from the node n5. The
replication parameter is 3. The riak sends this data to say, nodes n35 and
stores it. This will be replicated on n36 and n37 (considering all the
nodes is the cluster are up all the time). I want to know that whether we
can know from Riak about this that d1 resides on nodes n35, n36 and n37?

It is a distributed database and this kind of functionality should not be
there as it can be very dangerous but i want to implement such thing in my
project and trying to find whether its possible or not with Riak.


Sagar Virani
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