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 I've been thinking about using lager to push logs to our Big Data Hadoop backend for later analysis using Scribe. Looking at the lager_syslog backend it looks fairly simple to create such a backend. But thrift works kind of different and some implementation questions occur when going through the lager code.

The way thrift works is that you create a connection:
{ok, Client} = thrift_client_util:new()

then you can use the Client to do subsequent calls like
{Client2, _Result} = thrift_client:call(Client, ...)
{Client3, _Result} = thrift_client:call(Client2, ...)

The problem is that you get a new Client descriptor every time and as I've understood it you shouldn't use the same Client twice but instead use the new one with each call. One could of course create a client and do the call within each handle_event() and pay that penalty hit but there must be a smarter way. I was going through the lager_file_backend and saw that you use a FD that get's passed around, is that a good approach to use something similar for a Scribe backend?

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