Need a partner for Riak-Cpp

Andres Jaan Tack andres.jaan.tack at
Fri Nov 18 07:21:10 EST 2011

I'm the author of Riak-Cpp ( I'm looking for a
partner, somebody who has a need to use Riak from a C++ application and can
thus drive the order of the next features I add.

Currently, Riak-Cpp is capable of:
 - Gets
 - Puts
 - Deletes

In addition, Riak-Cpp provides a hook by which to link a connection pool
into the library (I provide a simple, underperforming default).

Everything is negotiable, including compiler and library requirements
(which are currently rather stringent). My primary goal in the short term
is to produce a minimal functioning library to release. This will become
Riak-Cpp v0.1. I'm also looking for an ordering of more advanced
requirements for v0.2 and following.

If anyone is interested, please hit me up via e-mail.

Cheers! :)

andres.jaan.tack at
Tallinn, Estonia
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