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Jeroen van Dijk jeroentjevandijk at
Fri Nov 18 10:38:48 EST 2011

Hi all,

I'm currently evaluating whether Riak would fit as the main storage of my
current project, a social network. The reason I am attracted to Riak and
less to a Graph database as main storage is that I want the easy horizontal
scalability and multi-site replication that Riak provides. The only thing I
doubt is whether the key-value/link model of Riak is flexible enough to be
able to store a property graph ( I am not
asking whether the querying/graph traversing will be easy; I'm probably
going to use a graph database or a Pregel like platform (e.g. for that problem. I guess my main question is
whether it would be easy/feasible to import and export a property graph in
and from Riak? Has someone done this before?

I realize the above might be too specific, so here are two more questions
that I think are relevant:

- Is there a known upper limit of links that can be stored (I don't want to
add them all at once so 1000 per request is fine,
- Is there a way to add meta data to links (edges)? E.g. weigths and other

Any other ideas or advise are also highly appreciated.


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