2i Values

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I was referring to the index value.  I understand I need to make another trip to get the actual value stored at the key, but I was hoping I could get the value of the index field directly from an index query.

For clarity, if I have a riak key "foo" with a value of "bar", and an index "score_int" with a value of 5, I'd like to be able to range query against the score_int index and return both the list of keys ("foo") and the value of the index I queried ("5").

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Hi Tim,

No, that's not currently possible.

Just to clarify, when you say you want the "respective value", do you mean the object's value in Riak (ie: the result of a GET operation) or rather the index's value (ie: the value associated with the _int index)?

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 11:04 AM, Tim Ariyeh <tariyeh at softlayer.com<mailto:tariyeh at softlayer.com>> wrote:
Is it possible to return a value along with a 2i query?  For instance, if I perform a range query against an _int index, can I return both the relevant and keys  their respective value for that field?

If not, can they be accessed in a reduce function without loading the document?


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