Bugfix missing from release notes

Jared Morrow jared at basho.com
Fri Nov 18 12:12:42 EST 2011

I suppose this is my day to spam the mailing list!

We fixed an additional bug in 1.0.2, but the bug was not listed in the
release notes.
The bug in question is Long, improperly formatted Link header results in
200 OK, missing value, on PUT request

The issue actually stems from a problem in the Erlang VM, in regards to
HTTP header length, and we are trying to get the fix approved for Erlang
15A.   Until then, the bug fix provided is a work around to the problem in
the erlang VM.

The bug was discovered by a customer using the riak-python-client so an
additional fix was pushed into the

Sorry for the ML spam and omission from the release notes.
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