Can't start second node in local machine

Jeremiah Peschka jeremiah.peschka at
Fri Nov 18 23:08:04 EST 2011

Did you change the ports that Risk is listening on for the second instance?

If you follow the Riak fast track, it explains how to set up a 4 node

Jeremiah Peschka
Founder, Brent Ozar PLF
On Nov 18, 2011 7:24 PM, "yozloy" <yozloy at> wrote:

> I copied the riak-1.0.2 folder, and change the node name to
> riak2 at in the vm.args file. But the changed node refused to
> start, it returned
> Argo:bin yozloy$ ./riak start
> !!!!
> !!!! WARNING: ulimit -n is 256; 1024 is the recommended minimum.
> !!!!
> Riak failed to start within 15 seconds,
> see the output of 'riak console' for more information.
> If you want to wait longer, set the environment variable
> WAIT_FOR_ERLANG to the number of seconds to wait.
> Argo:bin yozloy$ ls
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