Random but frequent crashes

Michael Jakl development at semanticlabs.at
Sun Nov 20 11:30:53 EST 2011


On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 22:01, Sean Cribbs <sean at basho.com> wrote:
> The first thing that jumps out to me is the line that says: alarm_handler:
> {set,{system_memory_high_watermark,[]}}, followed by a lot of "long_gc"
> messages. My guess is that you have too much memory pressure (which can be a
> problem with Bitcask when you have lots of keys) and so the Erlang VM exits
> when it reaches OOM. On your next node startup, monitor the VSZ of the
> "beam.smp" process by using the ps command and make sure it doesn't reach
> the maximum RAM in your system.
> Hope that helps,

The error was logged in the syslog, not in the Riak logfiles:
Nov 18 22:17:36 stage2 kernel: [115170.302399] Out of memory: kill
process 16418 (run_erl) score 25143326 or a child

Too bad I didn't look there earlier.

Thanks, that helped a lot. I'll close the bug report too.


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