Riak Recap for November 21 - 22

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Nov 23 18:39:10 EST 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Short Recap for today: blog post, some new code, and a dog.

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.


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Riak Recap for November 21 - 22

1) Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene is working on a Ruby Web Framework called
"Shogun", and he's making Riak a first-class database. (Thanks,

* Code here on GitHub --->  https://github.com/krainboltgreene/shogun

2) Version 0.1.20 of ldapjs-riak is out.

* Code here ---> http://search.npmjs.org/#/ldapjs-riak

3) Gordon Tillman wrote a blog with some sample code that shows how
you can use 2i and MapReduce to query sensor data (based on a use case
that was discussed on the list). (Thanks, Gordon!)

* Read here --->

4) Eric Stevens submitted a sizable pull request against the PHP
client that adds all sorts of capabilities. This is an extensive chunk
of code and could use some review/comments from interested parties.
(Thanks, Eric!)

* Code here ---> https://github.com/basho/riak-php-client/pull/17

5) John Leach pointed out (in #riak) that a Secondary Indexes blog
post from a few months back could use some augmenting. (The precise
suggestion was that we should include a link to the complete, current
API docs.) We happily added it.

* This is the post (with the update) --->
* More importantly, he wanted it known that his dog, Lily, played a
large role in spotting this shortcoming. This is Lily --->
# Bugs/Issues

1) New/Reopened

* 1292: Corrupted hint file prevents loading all keys in linked data
file - https://issues.basho.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1292
* 1160: Bitcask fails to merge on corrupt file -

2) Closed/Resolved/Patched

* 1291: Incorrect match of erlang:decode_packet return value in
mochiweb - https://issues.basho.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1291

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