Setting up a project on top of Riak

Mathieu D'Amours mathieu at
Sat Nov 26 10:56:50 EST 2011

Hi all,

I'm sorry if my question sounds silly, but I'm not quite use to the OTP way of developing an application. There seems to be something I'm not seeing in all that.

We're going to develop an application that will use Riak Core, KV, Luwak and Search: We might need to create a new storage backend for Riak KV, we will design a particular distributed processing scheme using Riak Core and will build an HTTP interface using webmachine.

For the moment, we need to build modules, test suites and all that, and those are closely tied to the different Erlang components I just talk about, like pretty much all the Riak components. So I need those external components to work as well as if I installed them using the prepared Riak package found at . If I use rebar and the OTP way of building packages, I end up with quite a few Erlang applications under deps/ (like riak_core, riak_control, eleveldb, etc.), and those just don't work out of the box like they seem to when we just grab the prepared Riak package. 

How should we set up a development environment so that Riak and all other Erlang applications works, and lets us build our different stuff (storage backend, vnodes, web app) on top of it? What's a good way of having good versatility when developing? Do we always have to go through rebuilding a brand new package after each modification?

Thanks a lot for you attention,


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