Multiple keys to fetch in a Java client

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May be I can make my statement clear :) I store my devices values in buckets named after OS (say windows/ linux) with the device id's as keys. I want to get  the devices  for a list of device ids . From what I see, the fetch API signature takes in bucket name and key. (Client.fetch("windows", "D1"). Is there a way where I can get Client.fetch("windows", <Collection fo keys>?

Suresh C Nair

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Subject: Multiple keys to fetch in a Java client


I am storing values of a devices under a particular OS. I want to fetch the list of all vallues, based on the key list. What I see if that, I can fetch the value one by one using the FETCH. Am using the HttpClient in Java. How do I go about this? Assume I am tryign to reach the same behavior like query that has "CONTAINS(key1, key2...). Is there a way to do this? or we can fetch the values only one by one. I do see that Map-reduce, makes use of the list fo keys, but am not sure if it is applicable in my case, as it ia simple fetch with collection of / list of keys.

Suresh C Nair
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