Setting up a project on top of Riak

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Mon Nov 28 15:46:06 EST 2011

That's indeed a very clean solution! Thanks a lot for pointing it out to me!

*Mathieu D'Amours*

Le 2011-11-28 à 9:12 AM, Bryan Fink <bryan at> a écrit :

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Mathieu D'Amours <mathieu at>

How should we set up a development environment so that Riak and all other
Erlang applications works, and lets us build our different stuff (storage
backend, vnodes, web app) on top of it? What's a good way of having good
versatility when developing? Do we always have to go through rebuilding a
brand new package after each modification?

Hi, Mathieu.  I think a good place to start might be reading another
recent thread on this list about "Integrating Riak":

Specifically, Sean Cribb's suggestion near the end of the thread,
about using -pz and -s options in Riak's vm.args configuration, will
likely give you the best flexibility in developing so closely to Riak.

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