Is Riak appropriate for website metrics?

Michael Dungan mpd at
Mon Nov 28 17:07:25 EST 2011


Sorry if this has been asked before - I couldn't find a searchable 
archive of this list.

I was told to ask this list whether or not Riak would be appropriate for 
tracking our site's metrics. We are currently using Redis for this but 
are at the point where we need both clustering and m/r capability, and 
on the surface, Riak looks to fit this bill (we already use Erlang 
elsewhere in our app, so that's an additional plus).

The records are pretty small and can be representated easily in json. An 

   "id": "c4473dc5cfc5da53831d47c4c016d1c7de0a31e4fd94229e47ade569ef011a7b"
   "type": "Photo::Click",
   "user_id": 2640,
   "photo_id": 255,
   "ip": "",
   "created_at": "2011/04/08 17:09:40 -0700"

We currently have around 25 million records similar to this one, and are 
adding 4-5 million more each month.

Is Riak appropriate for this use case? Are there any gotchas I need to 
be aware of?

thank you,

Michael Dungan
Co-Founder/CTO, Stipple

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