Riak Recap for November 23 - 27

Aphyr aphyr at aphyr.com
Mon Nov 28 20:49:04 EST 2011

> 6) Q --- Are people running riak natively on osx (for development) or
> running on a vm that matches production?  (from kenperkins via #riak)
>      A --- Anyone? (We had a similar thread on the list several months
> back about this but I figured it couldn't hurt to open it up to more
> discussion.)

We've got a few devs who use riak on OSX for development here, but not 
heavily. ulimit appears to be a capricious liar on that platform, at 
least from the issues we've encountered. :/

I do most of our riak-facing development, and use Ubuntu and Debian as 
my everyday dev OS. No VMs. We deploy to Ubuntu server.


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