How sort and skip/limit works in riak search?

Kostya Rybnikov k-bx at
Tue Nov 29 02:55:18 EST 2011

I've asked yesterday about wildcard searches, but now I understand that I'm
not too interested in that, but much more interested in how sort and
skip/limit works in riak search. I mean, what response time / memory
consumption can I count on and how does it gets traversed? I mean, I didn't
tell riak search to index my data in some sorted way. How does it know what
fields to index sorted, what not to and so on?

Since right now it's just some black box that you either prey on, or skip

Also I can't understand the algorithm behind skip/limit. To make skip/limit
(as sort) efficient -- you need some kind of sorted index, don't you?

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