Using (parts of) Bitcask backend as a cache store

Jeroen van Dijk jeroentjevandijk at
Tue Nov 29 04:37:30 EST 2011

Hi all,

I'm currently investigating of how to structure my data in Riak. I'm
thinking of having buckets that have the purpose of storing the raw data
and having buckets that store certain views on this data to minimize
lookups and mapreduce operations at runtime. So the latter would in effect
be a cache store of these views.

I saw and I would
conclude that I could use bitcask storage to achieve this. I'm currently
just wondering whether the expiry_secs setting is a global one. Is it
possible to set this expiry per bucket?  Otherwise I would have to give up
the use of Bitcask for other scenarios than caching I assume.

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