Multiple keys to fetch in a Java client

Russell Brown russelldb at
Tue Nov 29 09:58:37 EST 2011

Re-sending to list, since I sent to just Suresh in error.

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the further information. So you don't add a map or reduce phase. It is a bug[1] that the client allows you to execute that job since it is not valid. Thanks for finding it. So 1st I need to fix that. 

I'll also look into why it manifests in such a strange way downstream (the OOM error). In the meantime, please add a/some map/reduce phases to your query.

If you just want the values back then add either

	.addMapPhase(new NamedErlangFunction("riak_kv_mapreduce","map_object_value"))

	.addMapPhase(new NamedJSFunction("Riak.mapValuesJson"))

to the operation



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