Secondary Index Map and reduce order and performance

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Wed Nov 30 16:31:16 EST 2011

Do you get the results in both cases?

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On Nov 30, 2011, at 4:28 PM, Sajithkumar Kizhakkiniyil wrote:

> Hello
> Probably my understanding of M/R might be wrong. But I am getting drastic performance difference when running secondary index query on PB with map and reduce function in different order.
> If my understanding is correct a reduce phase with riak_kv_mapreduce.reduce_identity is needed for secondary index query. I added one map phase to get the value instead of the key
> But if I send the reduce before the map as you see in the map reduce payload JSON the values are return much faster than the other way. In my test it 251 ms vs 700ms. Anyone can explain this behavior.
> Reduce before map (Faster)
> -------
> {"inputs":{"index":"PERFTEST_INDEX_NAME_bin","bucket":"_ITEST_SI_BUCKET","key":"PERFTEST_INDEX_VALUE"},"query":[{"reduce":{"arg":"{reduce_phase_only_1, true}","module":"riak_kv_mapreduce","language":"erlang","keep":false,"function":"reduce_identity"}},{"map":{"source":"function(value,keyData,arg){ return [value.values[0].data]; }","language":"javascript","keep":true}}]}
> Map before reduce (Slower)
> --------------
> {"inputs":{"index":"PERFTEST_INDEX_NAME_bin","bucket":"_ITEST_SI_BUCKET","key":"PERFTEST_INDEX_VALUE"},"query":[{"map":{"source":"function(value,keyData,arg){ return [value.values[0].data]; }","language":"javascript","keep":true}},{"reduce":{"arg":"{reduce_phase_only_1, true}","module":"riak_kv_mapreduce","language":"erlang","keep":false,"function":"reduce_identity"}}]}
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