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Mon Oct 3 09:20:10 EDT 2011

Please?  at least a pointer!

2011/9/29 francisco treacy <francisco.treacy at>

> I'm wanting to use the `bucket_inspector` contrib function (but have zero
> Erlang experience).
> Following the "usage" page, I do the following:
> $ /opt/riak/erts-5.7.5/bin/erlc -o /tmp /tmp/bucket_inspector.erl$ riak attach(riak at> code:add_path("/tmp").(riak at> m(bucket_inspector).(riak at> bucket_inspector:inspect(<<"bucket">>, 'riaksearch at').
> And it works.
> Now, if I want to run that non-interactively, as a script, how should I
> proceed?
> I played around with escript but I can't seem to load the Riak path (so the
> script will fail at `code` et al)
> Thanks,
> Francisco
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