Delete takes 5 seconds in riak 1.0 ???

Roland Karlsson roland.karlsson at
Tue Oct 4 06:15:37 EDT 2011

OK - thanx. I wrote a put function that looks like this.
It works in 1.0 - but I get disconnected if I connect to an
0.14 server and try to use it.

Does it look OK?


put(Pid, Bucket, Key, Value) ->
    Obj2 =
        case riakc_pb_socket:get(Pid, Bucket, Key, [deletedvclock]) of
            {ok, Obj1} ->
                riakc_obj:update_value(Obj1, Value);
            {error, notfound, VClock} ->
                riakc_obj:set_vclock(riakc_obj:new(Bucket, Key, Value), VClock);
            {error, notfound} ->
                riakc_obj:new(Bucket, Key, Value)
    riakc_pb_socket:put(Pid, Obj2).



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Hi Roland, 

Riak deletes by first writing a tombstone and then when all replicas are in sync removing the object from the underlying key/value store. We have made some changes in 1.0.0 to increase the length of time the tombstones are around when all nodes are up (in the Delete Changes section of the release notes here ). 

If you just want to make sure the object is deleted, you could use the deletedvclock option on the get request. You will get a 3-tuple {error, notfound, VClock} until the tombstone is removed, then a 2-tuple of {error, notfound} when it has gone. 

If you wish to rewrite the key, you can use the returned vclock on a new object 
O = riakc_obj:set_vclock(riakc_obj:new(<<"b">>,<<<"k">>,<,"v">>), VClock) 

and it will overwrite the tombstone for you. 

Best Regards, 

Jon Meredith 
Basho Technologies 

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 6:49 AM, Roland Karlsson < roland.karlsson at > wrote: 

Hi Basho, 

I had written some simple tests using riakc client library. 

The tests are attached to this mail. 

In particular I made this call in the tests at the start of 
of each test in order to get a clean DB. 

riakc_pb_socket:delete(Pid, Bucket, Key), 

In 0.14 that worked just fine. But ... in 1.0 it did not work. 
The tests failed and complained about siblings. 

But ... after some time of experimenting I found that if I 
added a sleep of 5 seconds after the delete ... then the tests 
were OK again. 

Is this correct? Does delete take 5 seconds? 

NOTE that the attached file assumes inits is started. 


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