Monitoring Riak with Monit

Jeremy Bornstein jeremy at
Fri Oct 14 12:52:02 EDT 2011

 I'm no expert, but what I use is something like this:

check process riak matching "/path/to/riak/erts-5.7.5/bin/beam"
   group riak
   start program = "/path/to/riak/bin/riak start"
   if failed host localhost port 8098
        protocol HTTP request "/" then alert



On 10/14/11 9:42 AM, briche arnaud wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>     I'm using the official Riak deb package (version 1.0.0-1) on
> Ubuntu 10.04 and I want to monitor Riak with Monit, but it seems like 
> there is not Riak pid file. Am I missing something about Riak pid
> file, or if there is none, is there an other way of configuring Monit
> to monitor Riak ?
> Thanks.

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