Riak search - Possible to update one specific field of given doc?

Alex Dong alex at avos.com
Tue Oct 25 15:39:29 EDT 2011

Hi list,

We're evaluating the riak search to see whether we can replace our solr cluster with riak search.  I'm wondering whether it's possible to update only specified field for a given document.

Here is the use case. For each document, we have a field called "users" which is a whitespace separated list of integer user ids. The doc might look like this:

      doc_id: 182,
      title: 'Riak search explained',
      url: 'http://basho.com/blog/technical/2011/05/09/Riak-Search-Explained/',
      users: 1 23 32 1998

This enables us to do a global search as well as scoped searches by specifying only documents coming out from one or a few users. Like this


In solr, one has to reindex the whole document everytime a new user needs to be added to it. This has brought some unnecessary burden to the indexer for super popular documents.  

Now with Riak's search infrastructure, I'm wondering how easy it is to support "update only one field"? 


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