Riak Recap for October 21 - 27

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Oct 28 17:37:30 EDT 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All

Here's an action-packed Recap to cover the last few days: new code,
jobs, docs, and more.

Also, make sure you make it to the bottom of this one as we've added
some new content.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


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Riak Recap for October 21 - 27

1) The team at SEOMoz wrote a great blog post about how and why they
are using Riak, and what they've learned in the process. (Big thanks
to Jeff and the rest of the team for taking the time to publish this

* Read here --->

2)  A short piece about Riak appeared in gihyo.jp

* Read here ---> http://gihyo.jp/dev/clip/01/orangenews/vol65/0002

3) Mark Cavage released some docs to go along with his ldapjs-riak
code. Thanks, Mark!

* Read here ---> http://mcavage.github.com/node-ldapjs-riak/

4) We merged a sizable contribution from Greg Stein to the Python
Client. He's been doing some great work to improve connection
management. Thanks, Greg!

* Code here --->

5) Q  --- Node left cluster before handing off all data. How can I resolve?

    A  --- https://help.basho.com/entries/20580987-node-left-cluster-before-handing-off-all-data-how-can-i-resolve#overview

6) Q --- Spent some solid time reading about riak search this morning.
It looks pretty awesome theoretically. Can it stand 1 billion
documents? (via @alexdong)

   A --- Yes.

7) Clint Shryock is looking for some help naming a new Riak project.

* Details here --->
http://twitter.com/#!/ctshryock/statuses/129996481485733888 (Best
suggestion is getting a t-shirt from me.)

8) A few great job opportunities to pass along:

* Digital Science (digital-science.com) is looking to hire Python
Developers in or around the London area with Riak and/or RabbitMQ
experience to work on some of their metrics and data analytics
initiatives. Get in touch with  c.trasande at digital-science.com for
more information.

* Equifax is hiring a Senior Software Engineer in Virginia with Riak
experience. Details here --->

9) Recent Bugs

As I mentioned above, we've added some new content to the Recap.
While we do make bugs public at issues.basho.com, but we thought it
would be worthwhile to send along the newest issues in the Recap. So,
look for new bugs to be listed and linked in future Recaps. Here's the
first installment:

* 1265 -> eleveldb not opened with configuration options from
environment - https://issues.basho.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1265
* 1263 -> Bitcask-backed vnodes handle requests while dropping -
* 1261 -> Pipe mapreduce jobs fail in mixed 1.0.0/1.0.1 clusters -
* 1260 -> Riak search does not return an error if you try to search
for terms that are not indexed -
* 1259 -> Luwak returns 400 (bad request) response to HTTP/1.1
connection right after successful PUT request -
* 1258 -> Avoid {case_clause, ok} errors when vnode backend fails to
start - https://issues.basho.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1258

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