Riak 1.0 pre2 legacy_keylisting crash

Ryan Caught rcaught at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 03:38:58 EDT 2011

I'm testing out a rolling upgrade with 1.0 pre2 and found that when I turn
off legacy_keylisting Riak crashes on me.  Things work fine when
legacy_keylisting is turned on.

Here is what I found in the crash log.

2011-09-11 07:15:44 =SUPERVISOR REPORT====
>      Supervisor: {local,riak_pipe_fitting_sup}
>      Context:    child_terminated
>      Reason:     killed
>      Offender:
> [{pid,<0.2725.0>},{name,undefined},{mfargs,{riak_pipe_fitting,start_link,undefined}},{restart_type,temporary},{shutdown,2000},{child_type,worker}]

I'm using Ubuntu with Ripple (0.9.5).

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