help with riak search

Wes James comptekki at
Mon Apr 2 13:05:07 EDT 2012

Is there documentation to indicate what riak search supports in search

I have been testing some searches and even looked at:

for some ideas.

These work:

search:search_doc(<<"searchable-dbooks">>,<<"notes:water OR notes:Water">>).

But these don't

? seems to work at the end but not in  the middle.  Same with *.   Why?

search:search_doc(<<"searchable-dbooks">>,<<"notes:Wate?">>) works.

But not


How would you search for "&"?  maybe it is too short to be searched on

search:search_doc(<<"searchable-dbooks">>,<<"notes:&">>).  In order to
index "&", I had to use "&":

<field name='notes'>Category: Water & Wetlands (W)</field>.

When an xml file is indexed, say:

<field name='id'>0</field>
<field name='title'>Ekologie lučních porostů (A)</field>
<field name='author_editor'>Rychnovská, Milena, Emilie
Balátová-Tuláčková, Blanka Úlehlová, Jaroslav Pelikán</field>
<field name='date_of_publication'>1985</field>
<field name='publisher'>Academia</field>
<field name='notes'>amazon 5/22/09 Category: Ecology (Y)</field>
<field name='valuation'>8.00</field>
<field name='purchase_price'>10.00</field>

I try to search on id, but it does nothing:




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