Alternative to Post-Commit in EDS

Anthony Molinaro anthonym at
Mon Apr 2 21:37:17 EDT 2012


  I'm evaluating Riak EDS for a system where I'd like to have data
replicated between several colo's.  The replication would be
bidirectional, but the flow would only reverse if a colo goes down
(ie, normally all writes to a bucket go to one colo and are replicated
to others, but if that colo goes down the writes will go somewhere
else).  This seems relatively straight forward I'm sure, now the

  I'd like to get a signal when data shows up in a colo across the
replication channel.  Ideally via some sort of post-replication-commit
hook but I guess this is not currently possible (2nd hand from Basho
sales).  So my question is, is there any alternate way to do this?

  I assume that maybe internal update time would be modified so my
first thought would be a map reduce job which determined recently
changed values, but I'm not sure if that would work correctly or not.

  Does anyone else have any idea of a way to do this sort of thing?



Anthony Molinaro                           <anthonym at>

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