Alternative to Post-Commit in EDS

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Wed Apr 4 02:06:59 EDT 2012

Also pinging on this one, maybe if I rephrase the questions I'll get
an answer.

Does riak have a last modified field which can be used in a map reduce
job, to say get updated values from a timestamp?

Are last modified times copied when replicating a K/V across data centers
with EDS?

Is there some other scheme I could use to determine what has been



On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 06:37:17PM -0700, Anthony Molinaro wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm evaluating Riak EDS for a system where I'd like to have data
> replicated between several colo's.  The replication would be
> bidirectional, but the flow would only reverse if a colo goes down
> (ie, normally all writes to a bucket go to one colo and are replicated
> to others, but if that colo goes down the writes will go somewhere
> else).  This seems relatively straight forward I'm sure, now the
> wrinkle.
>   I'd like to get a signal when data shows up in a colo across the
> replication channel.  Ideally via some sort of post-replication-commit
> hook but I guess this is not currently possible (2nd hand from Basho
> sales).  So my question is, is there any alternate way to do this?
>   I assume that maybe internal update time would be modified so my
> first thought would be a map reduce job which determined recently
> changed values, but I'm not sure if that would work correctly or not.
>   Does anyone else have any idea of a way to do this sort of thing?
> Thanks,
> -Anthony
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