rebar/reltool cool!

Wes James comptekki at
Thu Apr 5 14:53:41 EDT 2012

Wow.  These tools are very helpful!  I was messing with make rel and
was trying to work with cowboy and riak together.  So I was starting
riak then starting cowboy inside of riak so cowboy could talk to riak
with search:searchdoc.  With the previous help here, I now have cowboy
as part of the release and when I do riak start, cowboy starts.


Anyway,  how do you make changes, i.e., I make changes to a cowboy
default_handler.erl and then I have to stop riak, remove the old riak
folder, do make rel again, add my test data, then riak start to test
the changes.  Is there a different work flow in doing this? I could
just edit the default_handler and copy the beam to the
rel/riak/lib/... folder.



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