How to switch from Bitcask to eLevelDB

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Wed Apr 11 07:42:42 EDT 2012

Hi Alek,

Sorry, I made a mistake earlier.

Below is the correct information.

%% Riak KV config
{riak_kv, [
           %% Storage_backend specifies the Erlang module defining the storage
           %% mechanism that will be used on this node.
           {storage_backend, riak_kv_eleveldb_backend},



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Does anyone know how to switch from Bitcask to eLevelDB?
In app.config both of them exist as shown below:

 %% Bitcask Config
 {bitcask, [
             {data_root, "./data/bitcask"}
 %% eLevelDB Config
 {eleveldb, [
             {data_root, "./data/leveldb"}

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