C Client?

Brian Knox briank at talksum.com
Fri Apr 13 16:41:59 EDT 2012

I'm extremely interested in evaluating Riak for the back end of a project
I'm currently working on.  However, there's one major hurdle - there
doesn't appear to be a supported C client driver, which I absolutely need
do to some integration work I need to do.  I found one C driver project on
github, but it doesn't appear to be production ready and looks more like an
experiment (no offense to the author!).  To be clear - when I say "C
client" I'd like to use the protobuf interface, and not the HTTP rest api
(for performance reasons).

So first, I'd like to just +1 any previous requests for a C driver.

Secondly - for my particular needs, I really only need insert ability (I
don't need to query from C) - since this is a much smaller subset of the
problem of a full fledged client library, if there's any available
information that would be helpful for someone writing a C library for
inserting into Riak via it's protobuf interface, I'm grateful for any links
and pointers.

Thank you!
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