Riak Recap for April 9 - 12

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Apr 13 20:21:48 EDT 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

For today's Recap: blog posts, meetups, new code, and more

May your weekend be merry, your pagers be silent, and your nodes always up.


Riak Recap for April 9 - 12

1) Christiano Anderson escribió un poste del blog excelent sobre Riak y sus
primeras impresiones de él.

* Léalo aquí --->

2) We put another BashoChats Meetup on the calendar at BashoWest. This one
is happening on April 24th and is all about how and why the Yammer team
built a 45 node Berkeley DB Cluster.

* Details here ---> http://www.meetup.com/BashoChats/events/60019402/

3) Will Farrington of High Groove put together a great slide deck about
Riak for last week's Atlanta Ruby Meetup.

* Check them out here --->

4) More slides... Andy Gross' slides from his Erlang Factory talk called
"Building Cloud Services with Riak" are now live.

* Here --->

5) It looks like the Riak piece from IBM developerWorks that appeared a few
weeks back has been translated into Japanese.

* Read here --->

6) Congrats to friends and Riak Users Voxer on raising a new round of
funding! Go download Voxer if you haven't already.

* Details here --->

7) Jon Brisbin's AMQP-RabbitMQ-Lager backend got an update.

* Details here --->

# Issues

1) New

* /var/run/riak is not recreated on demand at startup --->
* Riak can't listen on ipv6 addresses --->
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