Constant vnode crashes after disk corruption

Nico Meyer nico.meyer at
Wed Apr 18 06:18:27 EDT 2012


I just encountered a problem with one of our Riak nodes, which is caused 
by a bug in either the disk controller or the firmware of our SSD disks.
Anyway, the obvious symptom is, that all writes to the disks suddenly 
fail, which of course leads to truncated bitcask files. However, this 
time the files got corrupted in a way, that lead to CRC errors while 
fetching keys from bitcask. This in turn leads to a crash of the vnode 
everytime such a key is read. So the log is filled with these messages:

11:55:52.621 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.23175.3> with 0 neighbours 
crashed with reason: no case clause matching 
in riak_kv_vnode:prepare_put/3

Also those keys cannot be (over)written, since a put without 
last_write_wins set to true does a get first internally.
I think the cause of the error should be obvious to anyone familiar with 
the riak internals. Otherwise I can provide more information.


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