Misunderstanding cardinality issues ?

Adrien Mogenet adrien.mogenet at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 15:42:16 EDT 2012

Hi there,

>From this Riak Search's
 (http://wiki.basho.com/MapReduce-Search-2i-Comparison.html) :

 Poor Use Case:

Searching for common (low cardinality) terms in documents

I agree that searching for common terms in Riak Search is a really poor use
case (and not only in RS), but shouldn't we speak about "high cardinality" ?

As far as I know, cardinality is a mathematical concept that defines the
"size" of a set. Did I misunderstand it ?

By the way, what is a "great cardinality" according to Riak Search ? 10 ?
100 ? 1000 ? ...

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