Riak Badges

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Apr 18 17:00:47 EDT 2012

Some very important community business to take care of:

Basho's designer John Newman took some time to put together a few Riak
Badges that would make great additions to your site or app that happens to
be Riak-powered. They are on the Riak Wiki [1] and there's also a short
post about them on the Basho Blog [2].

They are beautiful. Your visitors will love them. Feel free to tell me/the
list that you've added one of them to your site.


[1] http://wiki.basho.com/We-Run-Riak-Badges.html
[2] http://basho.com/blog/technical/2012/04/18/Tell-the-World-About-Riak/
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