Riak Recap for April 13 - 17

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Apr 18 22:09:28 EDT 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

For today's Recap: blog posts, new code, meetups, and more.



Riak Recap for April 13 - 17

1) There is an "Evening with Riak" planned in London on May 10th.

* Details here --->

2) For anyone in NYC, Tom Santero is getting the local Riak meetup up and
running again.

* Details here --->

3) Armon, Mitchell, and the team at Kiip.me wrote a post about why they are
moving their data into PostgreSQL and Riak from MongoDB.

* Read here --->

4) The team at StackMob released their Scala Client for Riak along with a
blog post about it.

* Code ---> https://github.com/stackmob/scaliak
* Blog Post ---> http://www.stackmob.com/2012/04/scaliak/

5) Michael Klishin has been putting in some work on his Riak Clojure client.

* Code here ---> https://github.com/michaelklishin/welle/commits/master

6) Another reminder about Justin Sheehy's talk happening in Chicago on May

* Details here ---> http://gotonightchicago.eventbrite.com/

7) I mentioned this on the list earlier but for those of you who just
filter for the Recaps: we released some Riak badges; they will look
beautiful on your site.

* Details here --->

# Issues

1) New

* fixed_char valgen ---> https://github.com/basho/basho_bench/issues/32
* add latency leveling ---> https://github.com/basho/riak_kv/issues/316
* Ping Type Spec ---> https://github.com/basho/riak-erlang-client/issues/52
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