Riak Adoption - What can we do better?

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Thu Apr 19 20:37:59 EDT 2012

Awesome feedback. Much appreciated.

For those of you just joining us, here's the list of suggestions I've
received so far (off and on-list responses). If there's a number next to
the item, it means it was suggested more than once.

Keep it coming. (I'm going to hold off on addressing each of these for the


Riak Adoption Suggestions:

* "Official/advanced" book or more official best practices resources (5)
* More technical blog posts from the basho team
* Meetups in the EU (BashoChats)
* Virtual Riak Hackathon/Coding competition of sorts
* Client Work
* Add PB Interface to PHP Client
* Mature C/C++ Client
* Add MultiDC Repl to OSS Riak
* Short Screencasts (2)
* Installation
* Usage via curl
 * Step by step with app.config
* Search
* Setting up and index
 * Querying
* Analyzers
* Secondary indexes
* Faster docs updates and/or some cross references within code and docs
* Docs (3)
* Use Case Tutorials
* Blog
 * e-commerce shop
* forum
* social network
 * Session storage
* User/Meta Data storage
* Notifications/Messaging
 * Data modeling
* Examples
* Scenarios
* Riak Workbench - something that actually lets you "look at your data" (a
la Futon)

2012/4/19 Brian Knox <briank at talksum.com>

> An officially supported first class C and C++ api!  I know I've harped on
> that one on the mailing list and twitter before - and releasing the alpha
> code that was available was a start.. so please know it was appreciated.
> However, if C / C++ were, today, a fully supported reliable client library
> I'd be testing Riak for serious consideration right now... and I want to be
> able to do that.   I like riak. :)
> Brian
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