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> More posts/ talks on actual use cases, agreed. The funny thing is that
> riak is actually one of the dead simplest nosql systems out there. There
> really isn't much you need to know to use it or set it up.

I disagree. Yes, Riak is in general a simple system from an architecture
standpoint.  But often the that simplicity is an obstacle, as you must
solve more complex problem using Riak as a base.


What are good strategies and data structures amenable
to sibling resolution?
How to trade off between secondary indexes and search?
How to configure search indexes so it does not blow up when you got very
high volume low cardinality or very high cardinality terms (faking
multicolumn indexes and bucketing)?
How to transition data in the store between formats?
How to reindex data in the store?
How to repair data in the store if you loose a node without the Enterprise
What is the tradeoff between storing different data times in the same
cluster or multiple clusters?

These are all complex issues that Riak's clean by simple architecture
leaves up to the user to figure out.

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