Riak Adoption - What can we do better?

Paul Gross pgross at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 14:20:15 EDT 2012

Riak is a breeze to host and maintain, but more difficult to develop 
against than other NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB and Redis). I think it 
would help adoption to close the developer gap. This includes things like:

1. Add other data types like lists and sets. With lists, features like 
blocking pop would be great. MongoDB also has capped collections which 
keep a fixed number of documents.

2. Improve secondary indexes. Add indexes to existing documents without 
writing them all one by one. Allow querying by multiple indexes. Maybe 
even allow secondary index lookups to return the documents, rather than 
requiring separate GETs for each key.

3. Add an easy way to delete a bucket.

4. Add the concept of ordering (without having to fall back to 
map/reduce). It's difficult to do paging without ordering, and most 
webapps require it. In general, paging in RIak is hard, since there's no 
concept of a range of results from a secondary index.


On 4/19/12 12:31 PM, Mark Phillips wrote:
> At this point Riak has been deployed thousands of times. This is 
> excellent, but as you can imagine we here at Basho feel this is just 
> the tip of the iceberg. We want everyone to be running Riak. The 
> software obviously needs to solve enough problems for people to want 
> to deploy it. However, we need to get the software into developers' 
> hands before this happens.  So the question is:
> What can we be doing better?
> I'm not talking so much about features in Riak itself. I'm more 
> interested in the other resources, tools, docs, processes, etc., that 
> you think we need to put in place or refine to take the Riak community 
> from 1000s of users to 100,000s of users. By virtue of being on this 
> list, you've all spent some time using or investigating Riak. As such, 
> you're opinions and experiences would be very valuable.
> Any comments, ideas, or thoughts you had would be great. On or 
> off-list will work.
> Thanks for your time. Long live the vnode!
> Mark
> twitter.com/pharkmillups <http://twitter.com/pharkmillups>
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