riak-admin leave behavior

Kyle Kingsbury aphyr at aphyr.com
Mon Apr 23 21:26:05 EDT 2012

On 04/23/2012 06:23 PM, Michael Radford wrote:
> Can someone from Basho clarify?
> I understood "handoff" to mean just that it was handing off
> *responsibility* for a vnode to another node, and not proactively
> creating additional replicas of the data. This information just came
> from our technical contact at Basho on 4/18, so I would assume it's up
> to date. But I would be happy to learn that riak-admin leave now does
> the right thing.

Not that I work for basho, but I can absolutely confirm that riak-admin 
leave (>= 1.1, don't recall 1.0) does involve taking data the local node 
is responsible for and giving it to the remote node. You can watch the 
file sizes on hosts or network traffic to confirm.


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