Survey: What Features Do You Want in Riak Clients?

Sean Cribbs sean at
Tue Apr 24 12:34:45 EDT 2012

Hey riak-users,

As part of our efforts to make Riak more friendly and powerful to use, we'd
like to gather your feedback on what features should be in our client
libraries and interfaces. We've made a little survey that we encourage you
to fill out:

**NOTE** If your organization is currently a Basho Riak EDS customer,
PLEASE DO NOT use the above link. Instead, contact your account manager or
sales representative about this survey.

In addition to the scripted questions, the last question has a free-form
box where you can enter any comments you like about Riak's client
interfaces and libraries. Let us know where it hurts and where we can do

Thank you for taking the time to take the survey. It will help us
prioritize client-facing features for future Riak releases.

Sean Cribbs <sean at>
Software Engineer
Basho Technologies, Inc.
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