Similar equivalent to mongoimport

Pavlo Baron at
Tue Apr 24 18:12:45 EDT 2012

hi Mark,

wir are currently working on a project called riak_mongo:

The purpose of this project is exactly to ease the migration from Mongo 
to Riak. You client code would stay unchanged in the first step, and you 
can migrate step by step to Riak. This ist still heavily work in 
progress, and we are of course looking for concrete migration project to 
grow with.

What I can imagine is that we implement a sort of log protocoling 
everything you call in your client code which is still not migrated, and 
then help migration step by step until we have covered your cases. Then 
you could start migrating your client code while learning operating and 
talking to Riak. In the first step, you don't need Erlang to talk to the 
store. Even later, you can use the RESTful interface if you like.

bucket name is in our case your db.collection. We store encoded bson.

Drop me a line if you're interested.


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