Issue with Riak Install from Source under SUSE SLES 11 SP11 Version S390

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Fri Apr 27 14:31:04 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

Trying to install the RIAK package under a  SUSE SLES 11 SP11 Version 
S390. I've downloaded the .tar.gz install file from the BASHO site. First 
I've installed the Erlang package with the --with-ssl option and 
recompiled the openssl package with the "shared" option, as requested by 
the Erlang procedure. 

Using the "make rel" command, I see a successful build running on the 
screen, until a point where the install tries to connect to the GITHUB, 
throwing an error like this: 
test -z "/opt/riak/riak-1.1.2/deps/eleveldb/c_src/system/share/doc/snappy" 
|| /bin/mkdir -p 
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ChangeLog COPYING INSTALL NEWS README 
test -z "/opt/riak/riak-1.1.2/deps/eleveldb/c_src/system/include" || 
/bin/mkdir -p "/opt/riak/riak-1.1.2/deps/eleveldb/c_src/system/include"
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 snappy.h snappy-sinksource.h 
snappy-stubs-public.h snappy-c.h 
make[2]: Leaving directory 
make[1]: Leaving directory 

fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection refused

Cloning into 'leveldb'...
ERROR: Command [compile] failed!
make: *** [rel] Error 1
The riak executable was not yet created under the /bin. 

Is there a way to avoid a connect to GITHUB during the package build from 
source, or could you give me a pointer what is causing the connection to 
be refused, as our firewall is configured for outgoing HTTP connections 
(which port and protocol does it use?). 

Thanks in advance for your feedback and support.


Claude Falbriard 
Certified IT Specialist L2 - Middleware
AMS Hortolândia / SP - Brazil
phone:    +55 19 9837 0789
cell:         +55 13 8117 3316
e-mail:    claudef at
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