Riak Recap for April 24 - 26

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Apr 27 21:09:19 EDT 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

Huge Recap from the last few days: blog posts, slide decks, new code, and

Have a great weekend.


Riak Recap for April 24 - 27

1) Today's Recap is dedicated to John Leach. Here's why:

* He posted his slides from the Riak Leeds meetup that happened last week
---> http://johnleach.co.uk/downloads/slides/riak-consistent-hashing.pdf
* He wrote a blog post about how Brightbox is using Riak Search --->
* He also released riak-syslog which lets you send your syslog messages
into Riak for searching in Riak Search --->

2) Manuel Rubio wrote his second blog post about Riak, this one a follow up
to his initial overview.

* Read (in Spanish) here --->

3) Pavlo Baron released a slide deck in which Riak features prominently.

* Check it out here --->

4) Pavlo also wrote a blog post about the riak_mongo code he and Kresten
have been writing.

* Read here --->

5) Boundary wrote another blog post about Kobayashi, their distributed
analytics database that makes use of Riak.

* Read here --->

6) The team at Prezi released a slide deck with some details on how and why
they are using Riak.

* Slides here ---> http://prezi.com/qpc9flfkdvzz/riak-prezi/

7) Sean Cribbs added a ton of information about Secondary Indexes to the
Ruby Client Wiki.

* Fall in love with documentation again here --->

8) Shanley Kane wrote a piece for the Basho Blog about why your production
Riak clusters should have at least five nodes.

* Read here --->

9) The team at Three Pillar Global wrote the first of three blog posts all
about Riak's MapReduce

* Read here ---> http://www.threepillarglobal.com/node/323

10) Karl Seguin wrote blog post about Riak's documentation and where he
thinks we should take it.

* Read here --->
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